Metal Gear Mercenaries - A Compendium of Lore and Losers

This page will be used to detail and explain certain aspects of the story, its lore, its setting and anything else that may need to be, y'know, covered.

As such, it's still under construction. Entries will be periodically added and modified, so make sure to check back constantly!



An alternative timeline to Metal Gear Solid: It's 2015, Solid Snake's death has meant that the Shadow Moses Uprising was successful. Liquid Ocelot controls 5 major PMC's unopposed, their combined power rivalling that of the United States military and giving them a pivotal position in the ongoing war economy.

As of Saga II, however, Solid Snake is alive and in hiding.

In this war, the United Nations, a puppet arm of the Patriots AI, has control over five sanctioned mercenary "academies": One in Britain, One in France, One in America, One in Japan and One in the Middle East, specifically Egypt. The Middle East "Academy", based in the Sinai Desert, was originally sanctioned in 1972, originally sanctioned by Zero as a means of wider testing of the Perfect Soldier Project: Soldiers placed into sensory deprivation tanks would emerge as perfect soldiers with deadened emotions and heightened senses. The Project was a complete disaster. Elsewhere, the Project had led to the creation of 'Null', a super soldier who would become Grey Fox, but in the Middle East, all soldiers (Taken from the ranks of local militias and the Israeli army) were either killed in the tanks, or simply killed eachother on release. Deemed a failure, the Academy was quickly shut in 1975.

The Middle East "Academy" was reopened in 1989, this time by the United Nations whom secured and cleared out the original facility, who took over when the "Academies" in America and France were opened. Despite being labelled 'Academies', they functioned more as re-training premises for former soldiers. Re-trained, the soldiers were sent out to areas undergoing rebellions, revolutions and minor state conflicts . Other "Academies" followed. The most recent Academy opened was the Academy in France, opened in 2000.

In 2009, the presence of the "Academies" were declassified to the general public. At this time, when America's withdrawal from world affairs and unwillingness to get involved in world affairs militarily, PMC's were growing in power and war was beginning to influence the global economy. The Academies were accepted as a means  of protecting interests in their respective countries, especially as their armed forces dwindled in the face of growing economic problems. Mercenaries were cheaper, and ex-soldiers could be re-conscripted and recycled. A commodity. Placed in hotspots of PMC and rebel activity such as Britain and the Middle East, they provided the perfect meal for richer nations of the UN: Cheap commodities that prolonged the war economy, giving them chances for greater financial gains. Accompanied with PMC's utilising SoP, allowing for the artifical control of warfares intensity, the combined cheap mercenaries/controlled PMC's created the perfect environment for a thriving war economy.

Any country could hire them. Mostly used for local conflicts and rebellion supression, products of the Mercenary "Academies" were quickly snapped up by the rebels themselves. From 2012, as Ocelot began tightening his stranglehold on the world by controlling the 5 largest PMC's, Mercenaries quickly became synonymous with rebels. PMC's had no need for mercenaries, so rebels swiftly snapped them up in their fight against the PMC's. Egypt, recognised as the first country to undergo a successful rebellion, installed mercenaries, alongside the Taliban, as guards for the country, though Praying Mantis PMC presence remains commonplace. For the Patriots AI, this simply didn't matter, as it meant the continuation of the war economy, and for Ocelot, it simply meant the continuation of a world absorbed in war.

Though the "Academy" was created by the United Nations, In 2015 it is classified as currently and entirely being under the hire of the Egyptian government to fight the Praying Mantis PMC. It is the first "Academy" to have been entirely hired in such a way. Despite this, Mother Mercenary remains the head of the "Academy", though with her resources tied up with fighting off Ocelot and Praying Mantis.

Mother Mercenary is classified not only as being the head of this "Academy", but as the head of the other four Academies, the global leader of United Nations-sanctioned mercenaries. An unwilling pawn, Mother's role is key in keeping global conflicts alight and the war economy thriving as the mercenaries that are trained are regularly hired and sent off to countries under the guise of fighting either Ocelot's PMC's or local rebels, though the truth is that they simply aggravate the war economy.

In 2015, Mother Mercenary decided to put forward a plan to end the state of global war and destroy the war economy: Send a company of her own, most expendable, mercenaries back to 2005, in a desperate attempt to ensure the survival of Solid Snake, the famed soldier whose legend remained strong, even in death. If anyone could stop Ocelot, it would be the man who killed Big Boss himself.

Utilising Project Eos, located beneath the "Academy", Mother successfully sent Reject Company toShadow Moses Island in 2005 by manipulating time with Project Eos. The mission was a success: Reject Company, led by Marcus Lynch, turned time. Solid Snake was not killed by REX, but survived and destroyed the nuclear weapon.

Returning, the global tide hasn't changed: Though Solid Snake survived Shadow Moses Island, he was killed during the events of the USS Discovery hijacking by Revolver Ocelot. Liquid Ocelot remains in control of the 5 major PMC's, albeit without REX as a trump card and without a Genome Army as the precursor to the PMC's, as well as Liquid's influence growing heavily over his body.

In a fit of possession, 'Liquid' ordered the kidnapping of Billy Wallace and Eligio Marquez by Praying Mantis, transporting both men to Hungary where they were rescued. The reaction of the United Nations was null: Though the global conflict had taken a few changes, the result was still the same. If anything, global conflicts were raging even more. The Patriots, however, appear to be attempting to find the culprits responsible for changing the course of time.

Further attempting to change the tides, Mother successfully sent Reject Company to the Tanker in 2007, ensuring the release of information on RAY and the survival of Solid Snake, at the cost of his accusation of terrorism alongside Hal "Otacon" Emmerich. In 2009, they were sent back to Big Shell. Solid Snake was kept alive, George "Solidus" Sears was killed and Arsenal Gear, the trump card of the Patriots, was completely destroyed, crashing into Manhattan and destroying half of the island. It was this, dubbed the "Manhattan Incident", that has forced the country of America, already economically ruined, to further step back from global events. It is because of this that the "Academy", in their timeline, cannot bring in Coaches or soldiers from America, nor can they count on support from America. The mercenaries are now truly alone.

In spite of this, the tide has turned. The favour lies in the hands of Mother Mercenary. The Patriots, little more than a crippled AI, is restricted to an AI based on an orbiting satellite. An AI that Ocelot is planning to seize control of in order to take control of the SoP system. The war is raging on for the PMC's. With Solid Snake now alive, and with the war economy marching on, the last file concerning Big Boss still needs to be declassified.

The mercenaries are gathering their wits about them for the last chapter before they fight their war. To declassify the information surrounding Big Boss and to uncover the secret behind the Philosopher's Legacy. To use the Legacy in their attempts to sway the war further in their favour using one of the most base of human desires: The lust for wealth.

In the meantime, Mother launched a massive operation to scour areas of known Patriot operations for traces of the Perfect Soldier Project. One laboratory was sacked in Bielefeld, and one destroyed in Karelia by Father's Company following a skirmish between that company and the mutated inhabitants who had tore it apart. A second laboratory was found in the Belledonne mountain range near Grenoble, France. Completely empty, Father's Company managed to secure some information from it. Lynch and Antiope, leader of Spartan Company, managed to find other laboratories in the Belledonne, but they were abandoned: Antiope, Lynch and Randolph, leader of Father's Company, suspect a mole operating in the Academy.

The Mercenaries, now returning from an extended vacation, are ready to make the move into Operations Virtuous and Snake Eater.

State of Nations

United States

Currently undergoing a revolution. Rebels have taken Michigan and the White House. Raven Sword PMC have a tight grip on the country, and it's widely believed that Michigan was purposefully under-defended to allow the rebels to take the state.

Revolution started after Barack Obama's assassination by Sarah Palin, organised by Mitt Romney, that allowed the Raven Sword PMC to occupy the power vacuum. There is no current de facto government in the United States, which is in a state of total war, which benefits the United Nations and Ocelot.

The Mercenary Academy is considered the largest, but most inept, of the Academies. It is believed that Reject Companies existence, a company designed to hold those who avoid court martials and otherwise disgrace, inspired the United Nations to treat the United States Mercenary Academy in a similar fashion.

Rumours abound that the United States Mercenary Academy is preparing for its own revolutionary attack, independent of Mother Mercenary.


Recently underwent revolution, that ended with the creation of the Republic of Great Britain, France and Sealand. The Academy was recognised as part of the revolution, which was led by one "Robbie Pierre", a mercenary from the academy. This Republic is recognised by the United Nations, but not by Ocelot or his PMC's. The de-facto governments of Britain, France and Sealand (Those recognised by the United Nations but currently ousted and opposed by Liquid Ocelot) have combined resources and rebels, but are still without power. All three countries are currently based in France.

Across the English Channel lies a semi-circular wall, spanning the northern shore of France (Starting at Brest and ending at Dunkirk and, at the tip of the curve, reaching out seventy-five miles into the channel.) helmed by a group known as the Patriot Guards, a company of elite soldiers designed to stop an invasion from Liquid Ocelot's PMC's. Despite this, they call themselves the "Night's Watch". This name is disliked by everybody except the Guards themselves.

United Kingdom

Currently undergoing a revolution. Rebels have taken the Houses of Parliament, demolishing the House of Lords and turning the House of Commons into a pub. The going appears to be slow, though, and Praying Mantis PMC have a tight grip on the country.

Starting reason unknown. Clegg was classified a target for United Nations as a rogue leader, leading the 'Liberal Democrat Army'. Clegg is currently alive, though David Cameron was killed by Brick Schmicker when he divebombed Downing Street. Ed Miliband, disgraced when his automobile fetish was revealed by David Cameron, is considered the opposition to Clegg. The LBA is assumed to be a PMC with Praying Mantis links.

The de-facto British government is stationed in France. It is unknown which political parties the government consists of, or what its structure is.

The Amazon Rainforest

PMC stronghold. One of Ocelot's main locations for refuelling and ambushes in South America.


Taliban controlled. One of the few countries that is considered a rebel-controlled country. Taliban insurgents act as guards in and around the city. Due to this, the Mercenary Academies and United Nations regard the Taliban as an allied force, and the Mercenary Academy of the Middle East regards the Taliban as close allies, though the Taliban do not deal regularly with the mercenaries.

Introduced the Multicultural Act of 2011 in response to increased Academy presence. This Act demands that mercenaries observe local culture and customs, wearing turbans, in exchange for Egypt, predominantly Muslim, providing alcohol establishments and strip clubs hidden from public view.


Destroyed as a political entity. The area once known as "Canada" is simply an extension of the United States.

Canada was destroyed by America (Specifically, Liquid Ocelot's American PMC's, including Raven Sword) to allow growth and utilisation of areas for it to place weapons factories. Much of the area has been razed to allow nature to reclaim the land: Only major cities (including Toronto and Winnipeg) remain.


Currently at peace. Muammar Gaddafi still rules the country as dictator, which has kept both PMC's and Mercenaries out of the country. Gaddafi runs his own private PMC, though its name and status are unknown. Several mercenaries, notably those from the Middle East Mercenary Academy, have been invited to official events by Muammar Gaddafi.

Despite this, a Libyan Revolution occurred a few years prior to 2015, during which Father Mercenary bombed a hospitalised Gaddafi and punched him before teabagging him for reasons unknown. In spite of this, Libya and the Mercenary Academy of the Middle East retain a close relationship.


Crushed revolution. Year unknown. Australian civilians attempted uprising, seizing military base in Townsville. United Nations-sanctioned mercenaries deployed to fight AGAINST revolution. Mercenary known only as "Zemus" divebombed Townsville in a suicidal attack that wiped out his unit and most of the rebels.


Officially a unified country, Ireland is independent, and fully a part of the war economy. Much of its war economy income comes from excursions against British rebels and attempts to overthrow the Raven Sword PMC there and take Britain for itself.

The IRA turned from rebels against British rule, to the official PMC of the unified Ireland. The IRA deal rarely with mercenaries in the Middle East, usually selling outdated AR-15's for other weaponry, which the Mercenaries consider prime equipment for stockpiling in case of emergencies.


The Company that you're reading about.
The black sheep and, in many ways, the ultimate culmination of the United Nations plan of recycling soldiers to create new and better soldiers.

The plan to recycle troubled soldiers, 'rejects', and create soldiers from them was an idea the United Nations had from 2009. Though controlling every soldier was simple, injecting them with the SoP system, there were many soldiers, ex or new, who simply didn't want to be manipulated in such a way, and there were some soldiers who, through disciplinary action or otherwise, would simply be considered 'rejects' and unfit to use the system on. The plan was to use the Academies to send rejects, in order to essentially re-train these recruits and use them against PMC's, rather than within them.

Marcus Lynch, a former Navy SEAL, was approached by Mother to see if he could be used to oversee the teaching of a group of 'rejects'. Lynch, whom had seen his wife killed by Praying Mantis PMC's in 2003 (A few years after they were created for fighting in the Iraq War. Their reasons for eliminating her are still unknown.), agreed, wanting to take a personal role in creating a Company that could fight and destroy a PMC. Unfortunately for Lynch, from 2008, he received several recruits whom were disciplined and discharged by the military. The original mercenaries were Frank Daniels, Thomas 'Bob' Benito, Sal Memeh-Porpington,

Tavi Whitten, a genetically-modified anthropomorph who is believed to be one of only a few surviving results of the United Nations earlier personal experimentations at creating super soldiers, joined in 2013, along with Robbie Steinhatten. Samuel Chevrolet joined in 2014, following the year-long (in their current time period) deployment at Shadow Moses, followed later in 2015 by Johnny Hamilton and Tim Leyland.

The company was sent on training missions in locations such as Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Bolivia in 2010 (During which Jericho Kingston went AWOL, joining a Bolivian police force and later becoming a hitman-for-hire, before returning in 2013. It is also where Steven Barrett suffered permanent brain damage due to a branch that was dislodged during a firefight, striking him on the head.), Chechnya and Russia in 2011 (During which 'Crazy' Ivan went AWOL, becoming a contractor. After blowing up a nuclear power plant, he suffered an unknown amount of brain damage, before returning in 2013), and Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines in 2012. During the training missions, they were accompanied by several Coaches and Companies. Despite this, they remained helpless, hapless, and disorganised.

They managed to, however, work alongside the Beauty and the Beast Unit following an incursion with them in 2013. At an unknown time, the United Nations, via AT Corp, supplied the Mercenary Academy with the equipment necessary to subdue the Unit. The darts were laced with a certain set of nanomachines, designed to suppress memories.

In 2013, Marcus Lynch officially took over the helm of the company, christened Reject Company, in order to take part in the Shadow Moses Incident.

The group completed the incident successfully, and declassified files unearthed by Mother following the incident revealed that Solid Snake survived the incident. However, REX's mechanics were declassified, leading to more rampant Gekkou deployment elsewhere in the world, and the S3 Plan was completed, giving a precursor to the SoP system and causing the PMC's to act more aggressively.

The nanomachines suppressing the Unit's memory deteriorated, officially an inferior product after the S3 plan, and the Unit disbanded from the Company and into the Middle East.

In 2015, Billy Wallace and Eligio Martinez were kidnapped by the Praying Mantis PMC. As to why Ocelot ordered this, nobody knows. In spite of this, the mercenaries quickly recovered their teammates. The incident saw increased war economy participation in and for Bulgaria, where the incident took place.

During this time, Steven Barrett was given a new medication by Mother. Developed by the Academy itself rather than AT Corp or the United Nations, it used the same basis of Ivan's medicine in order to help provide a temporary boosting and repair of the neurons, cells and structures in his brain. The medication, if kept applied over a rigorous set course, will be able to reverse Steve's brain damage to a degree that he will at least be able to function properly.

Reject Company were sent back to the Tanker Incident of 2007, allowing Snake to escape and survive that incident at least. No dramatic occurrences in their future timeline were noted, though it is believe RAY's schematics become fully available on the black market.

They later, in a precursor to the Big Shell Incident, were sent to the Amazon Rainforest, as this was were Ocelot planned to meet them prior to the Incident. During this excursion, they met Winston Tenpenny, a wandering mercenary who fought both against and alongside PMC's for the best possible profit, and his butler Jeeves, a tired and mysterious figure. The excursion completed without a problem, and they were sent on the Big Shell Incident.

The Company managed to accompany Snake through the Incident and ensure his survival. As such, Snake is alive in the current timeline but remains in hiding, committed to unknown causes. The Incident changed many things in their current timeline, most notably Snake's survival and the evolution of Liquid Ocelot from Revolver Ocelot. It has also ensured that the once-top secret RAY project is now known by Ocelot rather than the Navy SEALs, allowing Ocelot to assert further dominion over the United States. It has had the knock-on effect, however, of Ocelot committing himself to war against the Patriots, having found out about their extended control over the world and the flow of information.

This has allowed revolutions to spring up in many countries.

The Company is currently resting before heading off to the past to take part in Operation Virtuous and Operation Snake Eater. Mother is sending the Company to uncover the Philosopher's Legacy, which she hopes to use to turn the tide of war against the Patriots and Liquid Ocelot. While they are on this mission, Mother will use her cyber warfare division to de-classify information about Big Boss and hopefully lure Solid Snake into the war for freedom.

Their official motto is 'Nec Spe, Nec Metu' (Without Hope, Without Fear), and their emblem is a white skull with a question mark engraved into the skull above a yellow ribbon with the motto written onto it.

They are currently trying to find a slogan to shout in battle. They haven't found anything as catchy as 'Semper Fi' or 'Oo-Rah' yet.


Reaper Company

Logo: A skull over crossed scythes.
Leader: Joseph Callahay
Specialty: Footsoldiers, Vanguard

Seventh Polish Squadron

Logo: A red lion rampant on a white shield
Leader: Piotr Wyrzyk
Specialty: Aerial support

Ghost Company

Logo: A pair of crossed rifles over a black mask.
Leader: Albert Gutenberg
Specialty: Stealth and reconaissance

Company Alpha

Logo: The greek letter "Alpha" on a white shield.
Leader: Leon Rougeau
Specialty: Vehicular Engineering and Support

Company Beta

Logo: The greek letter "Beta" on a white shield.
Leader: Tobias Bonhomme
Specialty: Aircraft Engineering and Support

Company Gamma

Logo: The greek letter "Gamma" on a white shield.
Leader: Michel Sauvageau
Specialty: Naval Engineering and Support

The Flying Thirty-First

Logo: Green crosshairs on a black triangular shield.
Leader: Thomas Smith
Specialty: Aerial support and bombardment

Valiant Squadron

Logo: A skull with several medal ribbons forming a bandana.
Leader: Patrick O' Malley
Specialty: Aerial bombardment and Paratrooping

Fidelis Company

Logo: A hand clenched tightly around silver dogtags.
Leader: Paul Stanton
Specialty: Demolitions and Engineering

Spartan Company

Logo: Crossed gold lightning bolts on a round black shield.
Leader: Antiope Eurynome
Specialty: Assault and Demolition

Lion Company

Logo: A black lion rampant over crossed silver lances.
Leader: Marcus Ogbeche
Specialty: Demolition

Greaves Company

Logo: A red cross superimposed on a knights helmet
Leader: Chilongola Obi
Specialty: Medical Support

Father's First Company

Logo: A red dragons head wearing a golden crown, placed on a white shield.
Leader: Aaron Randolph
Specialty: Assault

Father's Second Company

Logo: A white dragons head wearing a golden crown, placed on a white shield.
Leader: Brigitte Marcelline
Specialty: Assault

Mother's Children

Logo: A skull, facing forward, wearing a black beret.
Leader: Bernhard Ludwig
Specialty: Assault, demolitions and vehicular support


Its official name is actually unknown. The "Mercenary Academy of the Middle East" is merely a descriptor of a sprawling complex in the Sinai Desert close to the Suez.

Serving as a training ground and barracks for several mercenary companies, it is one of five "Academies" that are currently open under the United Nations: The other four lie in Great Britain, Japan, France and America. It is classified as being under the hire of the Egyptian Government to fight against continued PMC incursions against Egypt.

It is officially sanctioned by the United Nations, who are a puppet arm of the Patriots. They allow its continued operation due to the fact that, indirectly, it is fighting a war against Ocelot and not the Patriots themselves, as they do not know Mother's ulterior motive to destroy both the Patriots and Liquid Ocelot's PMC's.

New recruits are trained by a variety of elite soldiers who have been granted the slightly-mocking title of "Coach". Despite this, the "Coaches" don't mind being called so: They are exceptionally violent in their discipline towards recruits anyway. As such, one thing that isn't known is actually the fatality rate of new recruits. Some believe it to be as high as 25%, a quarter, of all new recruits being killed before they are fully re-trained.

Despite housing a variety of Companies, there is often only one on-site at any given time, due to the nature of warfare in the world. Many companies are being sent to fight alongside the rebels, aiding them in the war against Ocelot. Others are sent to destabilise both Ocelot's and the Patriot's assets in the world.

The "Academy" currently hosts, unknown to Ocelot, the UN or the Patriots, Project Eos.

Officially, it is the largest training ground for the United Nations. It hosts state-of-the-art cyber warfare and medical facilities, particularly amazing considering it is in the Sinai Desert. Despite this, its defence capabilities are completely minimal: The only thing stopping the "Academy" from falling is the presence of a Company at all times within its grounds. A large-scaled PMC attack could easily overwhelm the area but, thankfully, only small skirmishes occur.

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